You – Forever [LOBSANG RAMPA] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From G RAMPA’s book: “You – Forever”. – a guide to You may have seen a child’s toy car, which is connected, to the child by a long flexible cable. In thirty lessons, Rampa teaches the fundamentals of the metaphysical sciences. Step-by-step instructions teach you how to see the etheric, auras, travel in the.

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You Forever

Mar 02, Fb added it. This is an advanced form of psychometry, it is frever one might term “visual psychometry. Unless you took this precaution, you may find when you return to it that you have a stiff arm or a cricked neck. Raluca rated it really liked it Aug 04, After the slight tingling stops, make no movement at all, and there will be a sudden coolness, a feeling as if forefer has left you.

Lobsang Rampa went on to write another 18 books containing a mixture of religious and occult material. So do not fear, but experiment, and with experiment will come a realisation of all your hopes, all your ambitions in the realms of astral travel. If this man had been lobsangg by thought processes, he would have been too late, the car would have knocked him over. Every good deed we do, increases our Earth’s – and our astral rate of vibration, but if we do an evil deed to some person, that decreases and subtracts from our rate of spiritual vibration.

It is better at this stage of evolution, not to bother too much about trying to contact one’s Overself consciously, because no Course, no information, will give you in a few written pages – what it might take ten years of practice to forsver. Tell them to go along the Silver Cord and away from you. A difficulty is this; you cannot take anything with you, you cannot bring anything back! You cannot fall, you cannot hurt yourself. You too can have such experiences, you too can travel in the astral, you can see those whom you love, and the greater the ties between you and those whom you love – the more easily you can travel.


You Forever by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Gaina Cee rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Common terms and phrases ability able actually afraid Akashic Record astral body astral plane astral traveling astral world aura becoming tired believe Bill James blue brain waves breath cause clairvoyant clothing colors completely course creatures definitely dream Earth electric electric current electrons entities etheric everything experience eyes faith fear feel fingers flesh gastric ulcers give hand happened harm human body hypnotist hypnotized imagination inner composure karma keep lesson light living look magnet mantra matter memory mental metaphysical molecules uou move muscles never night normally occult one’s Overself parents perhaps person physical body pick planet possible practice psychometry radio relax religion remember repeat Siamese cat silver cord sleep slowly soul spiritual subconscious such-and-such sure telepathy tell things thought tion trance try too hard twitch vibrations woman words yellow.

When the baby is born and the umbilical cord is severed, then the baby dies to the life it knew before, that is, it becomes a separate entity, a separate life, it is no longer a part of lobsaang mother, so it “dies” as part of the mother forevfr takes on its own existence. This book is just awful. Man can go anywhere at any time, and can even see what old friends or relations are doing. Many people who believe, can leave the body at will, and can travel far and fast, returning to the body hours later with a full and complete knowledge of all they have doneall they have seen, and all they have experienced.

He is a mystic and an enlightened person. Gradually there came a faint creaking knirkende sensation, a feeling as if something was drifting, shifting.

You are sure it is going to hurt, you are sure that you are going to feel that needle going in, and afterwards there will be that horrid wrench as your tooth comes bloodily out.


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To adults the children live in a world of make – believe, talking animatedly ivrig to friends who cannot be seen by the cynical adult. Oriental Religions and Magic Category 2: His works are highly imaginative and fictional in nature.

If you want to learn to see auras, travel astraly this is the book. This is how we would do it; lie down in any position which is comfortable. Now we are going to go inwards, away from the aura, away from the etheric, and in to the body, for this fleshbody is just a vehicie, just “a suit of clothes – the garb klesdrakt fampa an actor who is living out his allotted tildelte part upon the stage – which is the world.

Picture to yourself that Silver Cord stretching away from your physical body out into the great realms beyond. Can you feel it there? Let us go further, let us imagine that you have got out of your body with this simple easy method, let us imagine that you are standing there looking at your physical component and wondering what to do next.

These men are able to do astral travelling all the time, and ram;a travel in astral form to anywhere where there is anything to be learned. I remember being given this guide by a sensitive when I was a teenager and though I always have been open minded, back then I focused my energies on the outward and not the inward so I took the path most traveled by, and foreger has made lobang the difference.

In the spirit world, the astral world, ra,pa correspond roughly to the position occupied by monkeys in the human world.

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