Tc Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Drivers Mac

Tc Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Drivers Mac


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Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. World leader in pristine, digital and tc Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Drivers Mac audio processing for guitar effects, studio, computer recording, broadcasting and bass amplification since 1976. The volume control is the knob you use all the time. M40 Studio Reverb features three main reverb algorithms.

By subscribing I agree to receiving commercial electronic messages from TC Electronic, which may include relevant information from its parent company MUSIC Group and its subsidiaries. By subscribing I agree to receiving commercial electronic messages from MUSIC Group.

2017 MUSIC Group IP Ltd. 24-bit converters, sample rates from 44. Desktop Konnekt 6 sounds really good.

Music played by this interface has a lot of definition, clarity and detail. Guitar inputs are of exceptional quality. Highs are cut so there’s no hiss there, but it sounds a little bit like a Line 6 POD Studio interface. Preamps do their job well and sound fine.

Compared to M-Audio Firewire 410, Desktop Konnekt seems to have more low end, less highs and slightly smaller dynamic range. What’s totally awesome is that this device has a power supply with a grounding pin.

It saves you from ground loop problems if you’re working on a computer with power supply that has no grounding, like a Mac mini or a notebook. I didn’t have an opportunity to check its microphone preamp yet.

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Headphone mac sounds nice and it can get konnekt loud. It offers hall, tc and room desktop. There’s a 180 degree phase shift drivers all outputs of the Konnekt 6. In other electronic 6 phase is inverted.

Tc Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Drivers Mac

In theory this shouldn’t make a difference as the sound is a wave and it doesn’t matter to human ear if it’s compression or decompression, because both are perceivable. IMHO it does sound a bit different especially on headphones, giving an impression of more saturated and fuller low end, and, what’s worse, it also affects double and quad tracking guitars resulting in a certain weird quality in recorded material. The third pin doesn’t send inverted signal.

Support at TC Electronic has problems with understanding written language — detailed description of the case that included information on how to identify the problem was answered after weeks with a suggestion that I used faulty wiring, even though I used previously tested standard instrument cables and this was also mentioned. I tc Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Drivers Mac two different Konnekt 6 units and other interfaces that use the same TC designed chip — Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 and Presonus Firestudio Mobile.

Firstly I thought that it could be a software issue, but the same situation occurs with Direct Monitoring and no computer connected. Measured round trip latency goes down to 6. With the buffer set to 128 samples at the same operation mode, the latency raises to 12. These are more than acceptable values, however there are interfaces out there that perform a bit better in this field.


There’s no latency drift — it’s stable no matter what. Drivers are reliable and solid. It seems that the main level knob is digital and the phones level knob is a simple analog potentiometer. This makes the lowest possible round trip latency go down to 6.

Safety buffers can be adjusted through TC Near Control Panel. You can choose between normal and safe modes 1, 2 and 3. Normal is the lowest setting that allows minimal round trip latency. DAW report values, Mac OS X 10.

7, TC Near version 2. 151, TC Near version 3. 151, TC Near version 3.

Lowest buffer size settings were playable with occasional dropouts. This is where this Konnekt really shines.

On a desk it’s more like a mixer with its meter, buttons and knobs located on its slightly angled top. It offers fantastic access to its functions and after only few days of using it I can’t even think of going back to a classic interface with everything located on its side. What I exceptionally like about Desktop Konnekt 6 are that big volume knob with a backlight and output dim button. Switching to headphones couldn’t be quicker.


There’s another knob for controlling reverb which can be mixed in for tracking. Desktop Konnekt 6 is a well designed product.

It’s reliable, functional and it sounds great, too. There are no entries yet. Yours might be the first! Do you want to be notified of new tabs, videos or tunes?

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