Sound Blaster Tactic3d Sigma драйвера

Sound Blaster Tactic3d Sigma драйвера


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Sound Blaster Tactic3d Sigma драйвера

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  • The Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega is one of the best gaming headsets we’ve ever tested.
  • People talk about sound quality a lot.
  • Many products claim to deliver crystal clear audio and most press releases for these products declare an unrivalled attention to detail and sound quality unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Exclamation marks are often deployed at the end of these sentences! Most of the time, of course, it’s all a complete load of dingo’s gonads. But the Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega is the real deal.

In the box there’s the headset itself, the USB soundcard dongle, various USB cables, a stand which you must assemble yourself, and some audio cables for connecting the dongle to a games console. USB cable before you can use it.

The earcups contain 50mm drivers which offer a powerful punch and an all-round meaty sound. There’s none of the treble-heavy sound Blaster Tactic3d Sigma драйвера that you get with many other gaming headsets.

The headset is big and weighty, too, with a good headband for comfort and big, bouncy earpads for a snug fit as well as excellent noise isolation. SD charging port and the port for connecting your Xbox 360 controller. With the PC and Mac, it acts as the system’s soundcard and conducts all of the sound processing itself. USB dongle acts as more of a conduit between the PS3 and Xbox 360’s own sound systems, and the fantastic headset itself.

So while it acts as a two-way communications throughput for the consoles, you can also use the line-in port on the back with any other sound device. In theory you could use this method to hook a Nintendo Wii up to the headset too — you’d just need to attach your TV’s audio-out port into the dongle’s audio-in port — it would only work for sound though, the microphone wouldn’t work. Connecting the Omega headset port to a console is a case of connecting the Xbox 360 or PS3’s red and white composite cables to the 3.

5mm adaptor provided in the box, and plugging the dongle in via the supplied microUSB cable. There’s also an additional inline volume control for Xbox 360 gamers — you plug one end into the headset and the other into your 360 controller just like you’d normally do with the 360’s bundled headset.

In general it’s not the easiest setup for anyone without a tiny bit of confidence with tech, but for anyone used to fiddling around with USB cables, audio devices and changing the settings on the consoles themselves, it’s a fairly straight-forward process. Music playback has a delicate balance of meaty bass and delicate, precise treble while movies sound equally good. The software settings enable you to customise your setup for personal preference, too.

The Dialog Plus setting, in particular, works very well and does a good job of bringing dialogue to the forefront without compromising the rest of the sound spectrum. Yay for talking like an alien.

These settings are, of course, not available when using the headset with a games console. And due to the various cables that need switching and settings that need changing, this is not a device you’ll be wanting to move around your home. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! You can unsubscribe at any time and we’ll never share your details without your permission. England and Wales company registration number 2008885.

XP, 32 bit and 64 bit editions. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

You can choose your language settings from within the program. Компьютерная гарнитура профессионального уровня — мечта многих геймеров. Есть вещи, от которых можно получить удовольствие, невзирая на их достоинства или недостатки. Далеко не все могут позволить себе в любой момент включить высокую скорость на дороге, однако когда это происходит, осознание того, что ты обгоняешь ветер, не может не вызывать в глубине души хотя бы легкую эйфорию.