P5g41t M Lx3 Driver

P5g41t M Lx3 Driver


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P5g41t M Lx3 Driver

For other cars with that name, see Dodge Charger. Built by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the car p5g41t M Lx3 Driver created to continue the Dodge Charger line, and replaced the Dodge Intrepid as Dodge’s full-size sedan.

The Charger shared the LX platform with the Chrysler 300, the newer fourth generation Dodge Challenger, and the discontinued Dodge Magnum. The first Charger was a 1964 show car, based on the Dodge Polara and fitted with a 426 Wedge V8 engine.

The first production Charger, based on the Dodge Coronet, was introduced as a 1966 model. There were several different vehicles bearing the Charger nameplate built on three different platforms and sizes, all bearing the Charger nameplate. Although the name is associated with the late-1960s performance model in the Dodge range, it was also used on personal luxury coupes during the late-1970s and on front-wheel drive subcompact hatchbacks during the 1980s. It featured a four-door sedan body design, whereas all the previous production Chargers had two doors.

P5g41t M Lx3 Driver

It was a return to a rear wheel drive platform Dodge had not offered since the Dodge St. Regis which stopped production in 1981. The smaller Dodge Diplomat continued to be a rear wheel drive sedan, until front wheel drive was the only platform offered with the Dodge Monaco of 1990. The All-Wheel Drive system is derived from the Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC technology.

This results in a slight boost in fuel economy while retaining the same maximum power split to the front wheels. After three years of production, an update for 2009 models was made.

This included moving the decklid’s «CHARGER» badge from the left to the right, making way for «DODGE» at the left. Tail lamps were also revised. T debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. Hemi as well as an updated suspension and tires.

Visual additions included a special front fascia with a chin spoiler and a black rear spoiler. T featured black «Hemi» decals on the hood and rear fender and retro high impact colors.

In 2007, larger 20-inch chrome-clad m lx3 p5g41t. In 2008, a revised stripe package was adopted. An SRT-8 version of the Charger debuted at the 2005 New York International Driver Show.

P5g41t M Lx3 Driver

Hemi, it also featured upgraded Brembo brakes, and interior and exterior updates. The 425 net horsepower of the modern 6.

1L Hemi makes it even more powerful than the legendary Chrysler Hemi engines of the muscle car era, the biggest of which was rated at 425 gross horsepower. 1L Hemi engine the most powerful V8 engine that Chrysler had ever put in a production vehicle up to that point. A new Super Bee version of the Charger debuted at the 2006 New York International Auto Show for the 2007 model year. Hemi engine, but was available in a special «Detonator Yellow» paint with black decals.

P5g41t M Lx3 Driver

It is a limited edition with only 1,000 being produced. A B5 Blue version of the Super Bee was shown at the 2007 North American International Auto Show and went on sale in early 2008, also with a limited run of 1,000. A total of 425 Hemi Orange Super Bees were built in 2009.

Created with DUB Magazine, this version is based on the Charger SXT. T that use dual piston calipers in the front.

Exterior colors are red, black, silver, cool vanilla, and dark titanium. A total of 2,180 Charger DUB Edition cars were produced for the U. Racecars based on the Charger were campaigned by several NASCAR Sprint Cup teams starting in 2005 thru to 2012. Although NASCAR stock cars bear only a slight resemblance to actual street cars, Dodge’s 2005 and 2006 NASCAR entries were based on the Charger silhouette, replacing the previous Dodge Intrepid.

Unlike the Intrepid, the Charger shares rear-wheel drive and a V8 engine with its NASCAR counterparts. During the 2007 NASCAR season the Charger was used in all non Car of Tomorrow races and the Dodge Avenger was used in all Car of Tomorrow races.

The Car of Tomorrow was used exclusively in 2008. T through the use of different decals. 2012 to reflect the updated nose and tail styling of the production Charger, including the full-width taillight panel.

Though the car was successful in Sprint Cup competition fewer teams were running Dodge’s from 2007 and on. Despite winning the Sprint Cup and producing the new 2013 version of the NASCAR Charger, Penske Racing switched to Ford for the 2013 season.


The Charger SE and SXT are equipped with Chrysler’s 3. In Canada, the base model Charger has a 2. 7L V6 was also available in the U.

For 2007, the SE package could be had with the 2. 7L engine for all buyers.

The Canadian SXT model included the 3. T version uses the 5.