Rumors is designed for both Game Masters and Players. Players are guided carefully through the process of character creation, using the archetypes provided. Hardback pages, plus character sheets US ISBN Four Years ago, almost to the day, we Kult fans were dealt a fatal. Rumours (Kult) by Gunilla Johnson at – ISBN – ISBN – 7 Cercle – – Hardcover.

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Andreas Hammer allegedly played Kult the week prior to his disappearance. Many entities have vanished since, and the Illusion has been weakened. Add tags Tags separate by space: This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Divinity Lostan edition not based on previous rulesets, bringing forward the “now” of the setting from the s to the present.

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Continued play at this point is outside the focus of the game, however. Normal characters usually have skill ranges of 3 to 20; to succeed in a mult roll, the player needs to roll equal or below his character’s skill. It refers to a murder in a small town in southern Sweden called Bjuvwhere a year-old was killed by two and year-old friends who according to the legal motion were influenced by Kult.


Kult’s magic system is largely drawn on the same real-world occult belief systems as some modern magick societies.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Many eumours these are our jailers who work to maintain the Illusion. Because these spells have very long casting times up to several dayshighly specific and exacting verbal, material and somatic requirements, and can only be cast inside the sorcerer’s consecrated temple, these spells are actually more like quasi-religious rituals.

Metropolisthe original city which interconnects with all great cities; Inferno and its purgatorieswhere humans are held captive and tortured after death; and Gaiawhich connects to nature and nature’s destructive forces.

The Isolatorium: Kult “Rumours” Review

He is still missing. Our ranks include psychopaths, human monsters, fallen angels.

The further from this balance point zero the character’s Mental Balance gets, the more easily he or she will become emotionally and mentally unbalanced by shocking events. Critics of role-playing games have also have tied Kult to a year-old Swedish boy who committed suicide by shotgun in November Please select a support frequency. A Kult character can have positive or negative mental balance affected by traumata, influence from creatures or places, or by advantages and disadvantages. Tags separate by space: More Information Edit History.

The first English edition was published in by Metropolis Ltd. The notion of an originally divine mankind being held captive by sinister forces is borrowed from gnosticism. Both currently out of print, though copies can be purchased through secondary and specialized markets.


The cosmological backdrop of Kult is largely based on the Tree of lifethe Sephirot and the Qliphoth. Each Archon or Death Angel represents a value, group ru,ours an action aid organisations, child abusemafia, apathy, judicial systems, etc.

Kult (role-playing game)

This section needs expansion. It is balanced with rumohrs Demiurge and his Archons on one side and Astaroth and his Death Angels on the other.

Extraordinary characters and inhuman entities can have skill values far above the normal range.

You can edit this page to create it. We may not necessarily be good people. The lower the player rolls below the skill number, the greater the success. Characters with a very high or very low Mental Balance will start to involuntarily manifest outward physical signs of their ascent or descent; they become either detached saints or Children of the Night.

The game concept relies on there being several realities that may appear when the Illusion shatters: Core Rules min needed to play. Add a copy to your collection. Recommended for mature players only.

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