Listen to learn more about photon energy and the Great Shift in the Kahu and Kirael LIVE! CD recording, “Great Shift Updates: Lightworkers, Photon Energy and. Kirael has 13 ratings and 1 review. Kirael describes the most awesome evolutionary event in history — the great shift in consciousness. Kirael skillfull. “Kirael: The Great Shift” described topics that had not been written before. It is one of the expansive books that paved the way for other books to be written on the.

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During the months of actually writing the manuscript, some team members had been researching prospective publishers.

The Day After the Great Shift by Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

As a truth Goddess Light, you must be aware of those who lie to you and then come up with new verbiage when referring to them. Just by holding this book, your healing journey begins. It enlightens you about the transforming world and prepares you for the new world.

That means you must work on your truth. Dennis Shipman Kiraeo real story about the “original” first edition of this book is how it got published. This is a beautiful work of much love and wisdom coming forth from a spirit guide known as Kirael. Published March 1st by Oughten House International.

Another matrix hook is located on the moon and they will go there as well to clean it up.

A unique, high quality channeling filled with hope and advise. Is the Creator just a collection of thoughts and is the Shift a thought pattern?

It will be the orgasm of life. If you can feel yourself through the body, down through the mental, into the emotional, and then the spiritual, if you can feel all of these bodies connected, then you will ease into this Shift. Healing after the Shift. Adi rated it really liked it Dec 28, As an outside portal worker, you will have nothing to do with the inside portal work.


You will know truth and you will recognize that everybody and everything is your teacher. They will understand on a simple level what a shift in consciousness means, but they will not be able to make it work in their heads for a while. Lemurian Legacy for The Great Shift.

shiift You will be part of it. The aid stations will help them focus on themselves and the shifting energies. How will they relate when they return to the grreat dimension post-Shift? You will want to take a shower every day. Marie Smith rated it really liked it May 02, They will be frightened and reluctant to go through the portals after the Earth tthe stop.

Nothing happens by co-incidence, and I bought four of Kirael books. You will have to sit with them for three or four days and explain this shifting process to them. We had a lot of fun with this project, too. Plenty of angels are here kirqel to assist your journey on the Earth plane.

Now, after 15 months on the project, interacting with Kirael on many occasions and with the group, I can honestly say to myself that I wholeheartedly believe the agreement is genuine and truthful, and it is directly related to my lesson plan in this evolutionary journey. Unique in it’s perspective and emphasis in some respects and ever challenges the reader to action.

Let the Healing Begin, C. As a guardian for this Great Shift in Consciousness, I am doing my best to bring you as much information as possible to help you heal and tye fear in preparation for this Shift. Their messages are so beautiful to read, so full of love and joy and peace. I was not paid for this book review, nor do I receive any compensation from its sales. Those who learn Signature Cell Healing will be called doctors of Signature Cell Healing, and they will be as respected as your medical doctors are now.

The material that this clothing will be made of will be foreign to you, but very durable and useful. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. You will have sexual encounters of the fourth light. The chapter editors were asked to include a brief personal message in the book about either the material itself or their relationship with Kirael.


All forms of alternative medicine will have a role in the shifting process. Goodreads helps you snift track of books you want to read.

Your reality is more suited to the post-Shift energy. Kirael encourages us to expand beyond the limitations of our physical realities and to experience our existence through the deeper meaning and higher understanding of the universe. Customers who bought this item also bought.

The children of your aspects will get their own kirafl, but they will also be aspects of you. I see my reality with a whole new perception and each moment of my life, I strive to express the love and joy that I am discovering in everything I do. It is a consciousness that will enable you to understand not only that you have a four-bodied system—spiritual, mental, emotional and physical—but also how to work with all of those bodies.

The Day After the Great Shift

Kirael skillfully guides the reader through the journey of fear to love. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Gaye added it Jan 28, You might also enjoy reading: For grfat than 15 years, he has channeled the loving light and wisdom of Kirael, a master spirit guide from another dimension. If you are on the Path to discover your spiritual self, you will be drawn to the works necessary for your growth.

As for your food, shhift will have to cook, because you will be at level one of the fourth-dimensional process. After the Shift, what will the role of Signature Cell Healing be? When they understand shjft you are saying, you will then escort them through the portals to the inside, where they will continue their journey.

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