Dualshock 3 Windows 8.1 Driver

Dualshock 3 Windows 8.1 Driver


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Dualshock 3 Windows 8.1 Driver

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In Japan, individual Sixaxis controllers were available for purchase simultaneously with the console’s launch. All Sixaxis controllers, with the exception of those bundled with a console were sold without a USB to USB mini cable. The L2 and R2 buttons were replaced with analog triggers and the precision of the analog sticks was increased from 8-bit to 10-bit. The underside of the case is also slightly enlarged to accommodate the internal battery.

The vibration function does not interfere with the motion sensing function, and both functions can be used at once. Like the Sixaxis, it is a wireless controller with a mini-USB port on the rear that is used for charging, as well as playing while charging.

It is capable of charging two controllers simultaneously and is powered by a wall plug. Europe on November 28, 2008, early December 2008 in North America, and came to Japan in late 2008.

When in touchpad mode, the left and right arrow buttons act as left and right mouse buttons, respectively. Although designed to be directly attached to the controller, the keypad features an internal battery and an independent Bluetooth connection, and does not connect to the controller electronically in any way, meaning it can function separately from the controller.


The keypad also features two shortcut buttons, letting users jump to the «Friends» screen and «Message Box» on the XMB during game play. The controller features a large red buzzer button and four smaller coloured buttons for answer selection. Both wired and wireless versions are available and come bundled with Buzz! Wireless versions connect via a USB dongle, with each dongle able to support up to 4 wireless buzzers at a time. It is manufactured and distributed by Logitech International S.

MOMO-styled steering wheel and full-sized throttle and brake pedals. R3 buttons, individually sprung to simulate real pedal efforts. The charger of the controller is Cordless Precision Controller Battery pack charger kit.

The battery pack provides up to 300 hours continuous gaming for the wireless controller. After five minutes of inactivity, the gamepad goes into sleep mode.

As a result, it requires a USB dongle to communicate with the console. The controller may also be used on a PC, as the dongle acts as a standard USB HID.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The battery pack for the Logitech Cordless Precision controller is Nickel-metal hydride battery. It also ships as part of the Battery pack charger kit.

Third party rechargeable battery pack kits are also available. The Battery pack charger kit allows the controller to be recharged while charging the wireless controller into the charger kit.

The kit also includes the rechargeable battery pack. Such cells are readily available in 4 packs up to 3,000mah, with 2,000-2,600mah batteries being common.