Sie möchten einen festen Betrag anlegen oder monatlich sparen? Bei uns finden Sie die passenden Produkte. Then click on Antrag speichern (Save request) • Then the account https://cash. ?execution. Questions about the DKB. At your account opening, the DKB promised you: “free cash withdrawals worldwide”. Excerpt . Diese Entgelte werden dem Karteninhaber auf Antrag erstattet.

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Germany is a good country for open a bank account and it is here easier as in many other countries.

Girokonto Dkb Erfahrung

As soon as the ATM had issued the cash, it automatically printed out the receipt for the withdrawal and the fee. After depositing the third installment, you tell the bank that you are satisfied with the bank and that you would like to open a current account … the best bank for this is Comdirect DKB is very similar and how this plan works in detail, we have described here: Of course you can apply online for the account and card and see how far you get.

First of all, the good news: I want to open a bank account in the EU to hold Euros as protection against currency movements, and to use for trips to the Euro zone. April 23, at However, there are some countries — especially popular among German tourists are the USA and Thailand — that have a different fee system for their ATMs.


January 7, at 8: The account is very similar to DKB. November 20, at 2: Therefore, you can apply for a DKB account, if you live in one of those three countries, though of course you will still need to pass a credit check. I have a question regarding opening an account.

Use this option to refund wisely! Once I had an account with PostBank, but they the bank closed that account inbut I still have the SparCard that came with the account. There are of course providers who do not perform a credit check. For security reasons, further letters with access information, cards and PINs will be sent separately and at different times.

DKB looks a good option but I am worried she will not be able to complete the application process completely from her English domicile. The terms are far from as good as with DKB!

Please take my prime example of a cash withdrawal in Hawaii as instructions for your own refund. In the end, it is an account with a true credit card. Here, opening an account is easy. This is different at the DKB! I applied for a DKB account online and went through the webID verification process and had my identity verified. What is the point of this and how could this affect the acceptance?

The existing condition model leads to an unsustainable use. I have a German Passport and would like to open a DKB account, I live in South Africa and would like to open an account to send money to as well as use it when I travel to Germany next month is this possible?


My partner has already opened a DKB account, but he has a salary.

Open DKB Bank Account | Step-by-Step Instructions + Help

In the German language version of our specialty anhrag we have an article about this — maybe that helps? But what is good reason to open a free account for a foreigner in another country … from the perspective of the DKB!

How long does each transfer take? Some days later, you will find a line on your bank statement of your DKB current account:.

Girokonto Dkb Erfahrung

August 2, at 5: I live in Germany, I have resident here. December 4, at 7: April 24, at 3: The actual identification form comes directly from the post office. Many people are currently switching their current account.

It would be easier to make a list of banks that have the requirement of a residence in Germany. I confirmed that by pressing a key, as there was otherwise no way to get the cash. May 19, at 3: May ypi please let me know is there any chance to cazh DKB account or not?

We informed several times about this current situation and about opportunities. Is your residence permit unlimited?

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