Com Port Visual Control

Com Port Visual Control


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Com Port Visual Control

Please enable Javascript to use the search! Searching com Port Visual Control than 350 Game Maker DLLs and Extensions.

10 — Added over 50 new DLLs to the site. Check out the list of the newest additions. 09 — Added 48 new DLLs to the site. Powerful 3D DLL with many features including 3D ODE physics, lighting, bump mapping, animation and many more.

The best Irrlicht port for GM. GMmd2 is a DLL to enable Game Maker to load and render MD2 files. Allows you to import Deled 3D editor 3D scenes with automatic collision response, all with GM’s native 3D , with no 3D render window put on top of GM. Allows D3D 9 functions in GM.

Com Port Visual Control

An OpenGL DLL that mimicks the d3d commands. Generating vn light map, adding and removing facets, merging models, importing model and exporting them as d3d model files, save model parts or fragment a model. Fast 3D particles in GM.

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  • Photon is simple to use and light-weight graphics library based on high technology of rendering which allow to make efficient rendering process.
  • Converts 3d coordinates to 2d screen space and screen coordinates to 3d world coordinates.
  • Precise 3D collisions in Game Maker.
  • Play midi notes in GM.
  • It is an extremely simplistic front-end to Un4seen.

DLL that acts as a bridge between BASS and Game Maker. This DLL allows you to write and read ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. This DLL was created so people can easily load and play external sound files, many audio formats supported.

Audio playing DLL supporting OGG and WAV. This DLL allows extended possiblities of playing audio and video files in your games. Simple module player for MOD, S3M and XM modules.

Fast speech recognition and synthesis. GMPokey is a port for a library that emulates POKEY’s sound output. This is a simple ID3 DLL that can get a few informations about the files.

With this DLL you can read ID3v1, ID3v1. Use the Fmod audio engine in GM.

Com Port Visual Control

This DLL will play the system com Port Visual Control. This is a threaded beep DLL, it will not freeze the game when it is being used. It can make the internal beep noises from your computer. With this Dll, you can make your system beep at most frequencies.

Basically, this DLL wraps up the Microsoft Speech APIs and to be usable on the GM side. Allows the use of the system buzzer to be used in a game. Pixel, the creator of Cave Story, that comes with several tools for creating chiptunes and chipsounds. It also supports creating music from WAV sound files much like a regular music tracker.

This DLL utilizes the Bass Sound System to enhance Game Maker’s limited sound capabilities. OGG and WAV sound formats.


You can use it both for music and sound effects. Lime Audio is a free audio module from Lime Toolkit for Windows. DLL for playing videos in GM with Multi-Window Video and stream support. This DLL allows extended possiblities of playing audio and video files in your games.

This DLL allows you to extract frames from avi files to bitmaps. Save your game’s display to an avi file in realtime.

GMPhysics is a physics DLL for Gamemaker. It allows you to add realistic physics to your game in only a few lines of code. This DLL allows GM users to take advantage of this powerful library.

GMNewton is a wrapper in development for the Newton Game Dynamics physics engine. PhyzX is an easy to use physics wrapper all in a single DLL. Precise 3D collisions in Game Maker.

This DLL can be used to create games that require destructible terrain. This is a simple DLL that can set the wallpaper of the desktop as centered, stretched, or tiled.